“Pleasure Horse” Lyrics

Company Spade

Well I learned a lot in that old stock lot Like how to work the day away Hands all mangled from a pitchfork handle And my baby’s on her way She comes rolling down the dirt road Hollering at me Saying boy you best get dressed And get your body clean   We go out on those payday nights and all we’d waste away My hand’s on the bottle my head’s on the throttle There’s my heart with the company spade   Drunk on the lawn singing till dawn Now I’m groaning at the light Gotta go to work this morning I didn’t go to bed last night I don’t know how to get through I don’t think I know how to love I don’t have a lot to look forward to But being there with the one I constantly think of Chorus Then I showed up late it was a big mistake And you better believe that he brow beat me Where pray tell is this place called hell If not hung over me I fucked up the farmer’s seed count And everything in between But that farmer’s charming baby girl Is the sweetest this that I think I’ve ever seen Chorus  


The dogs they came after me late in the night Too tired to open the lids of my eyes What they wanted from me I could never decide All the pleasure they got from destroying my hide But I’ve never been one to fight So I let them take me tonight   With my body relieved of the burden of life I lay there alone waiting for the light But the light wasn’t late it just never arrived All the wrong that I’d done left no light to rely on But I’ve never been one to fight All my life I spent standing in line And I shivered most of the time   With my head in a vice I soon turned to a song That I had heard long before feeling was gone What the song meant to me I could never describe It came to my ears at a fortunate time But I’ve never been one to fight All my life I spent standing in line And I shivered most of the time  

Gotta Wonder

There was a girl of mine I thought would never come up empty She just let me be whatever it was I was There was no way I could offend her with all the flowers I’d never send her She even seemed to mean well when we’d fight But she never could quite look me in the eye And I think that there’s a good chance she had trouble on her mind Undone I’ve become Oh my god I gotta wonder why she never tore my heart asunder And drown it for the fool she knew I was She gave me one too many chances, I took one too many glances At the beautiful blondes and the proud little flowers in sight But I never could quite look her in the eye And good god now there’s a sure chance I have trouble on my mind Undone I become Another song unsung Another race un-run I think I missed the starting gun


I trembled on the day we looked for Gracie All the memories we had together came back to me And I thought perhaps the thing had lost her way, you see She was hungry and we couldn’t afford her any food to eat Because the price of grain wouldn’t rise and the rain wouldn’t fall And that’s when we heard poor Gracie’s call   We found her body broken lying down in a ditch Her bones were crushed beyond what even all our money could fix To take her home and mend her up was my only wish But pa replied the four ten’s got one more bullet in it So I ran to the house and I cried in the yard Crying Gracie life shouldn’t be this hard  

New Enemies

You come home from work when the day is done After nothing has worked and nothings been won You do your best to sleep and not dream about me Cause some things you keep till you need em to see If any new enemies lie ahead   When you’re callin me up I know you’re cursing yourself But there’s no worse curse than calling for help You know you know better and you know it ain’t right To be calling me up on a Saturday night with all those things on your mind Praying I won’t reply and you won’t have to decide But there’s one you gotta choose and one you gotta lose And I know that he ain’t the first one you left behind   Now we’re meeting at the dock after quitting time It’s feeling more and more each day like you’re mine And then I asked you what he thinks and if you thought he would mind That I’ve been taking up most of your time When you’re leaving so soon on his dime Now, baby, I can’t repay you, but maybe I could save you the miles Cause there’s one you gotta choose and one you gotta lose And girl I know that he ain’t the first one you’ve left behind  

News Radio

When I showed up this morning she was sleeping waiting for the light And my best friend he just told me what she’d been keeping from me just the other night So I headed off with nowhere to go There was nothing but news on my radio And something told me that she’d been telling lies About the company she kept and where she lies There are place I could go where I could lay low and stay out of her sight Until the night I let her know I let her have it I deliver the blow Till then I’m headed off with nowhere to go There was nothing but news on my radio And something told me she’d been telling lies About the places that she’s been and where she lies   We both moved away the same day to different places for shots at brand new lives And then we went our separate ways through the same maze escape blatantly disguised And so I’m headed off with nowhere to go There was nothing but news on my radio And now I know that she’d been telling lies It feels so good to know for once that I was right  


When I was a young boy I’d run down the creek bed And look for the stones that the natives would lay Sometimes I’d find effigies up on the hilltops Or down in the gulches and buried away   My fresh young mind served as my loyal companion New hardboiled mysteries and victories I’d spun In my mind I’d contrive the most innocent lies I was high on the plains when the whole thing begun   Before sorrow stole my old my imagination And left me running for an upturned bottle again If I could just count down my blessings and relax Like the rest of the Midwest sit back and laugh at the jokes life cracks   Way out on the big water lake of Oahe I’d cast out my tow lines and lay there in wait Caught not by the limits or rules places upon me By the man at the station who sold me the bait The rest of my life wrecked by reckless abandon Always standing by the mountain and showing up late When the sunset hits the skyline all these flimsy dreams of mine Unwind like the hands of a simpler time   Before sorrow stole my old my imagination And left me running for an upturned bottle again I’d never die for what is right if I could live another night I’d drive out west and find somewhere to be Oahe, Oahe  


Well I’m still in doubt, but pressure is the point to getting somewhere in life So I’ll feel it out, but I like what’s goin’ wrong too much to give in to the right It takes more than Nudie suits and cowboy boots to make a man But she sure showed me around and shook me off and pulled me from the ground Now I’ve been crawling floors for you baby, waitin’ for the indication you’d stay with me The time you take is the cruelest kind, I’m givin up on the reason and the rhyme Guess I’ll cool it down, cause there’s no goin back to her knowing what she was like No more feelin proud, then concealing all the damage from the cameras and the lights No more waiting , wasted, wishing for the best in my condition to come along another night Cause see ya later honey seemed to me a funny way to say goodbye   Won’t  you let me know the next time I say something right Cause I don’t mean to slow you down when you’re hitting all the lights The last time we got together you know the love was out of sight And I think that you’d agree that somehow it felt alright Now I’m sick of crawling these dirty floors for you darling And it’s time I rise and give up on finding the reason and the rhyme  

Old Heart, Sweetheart

Lady, you can’t change his mind Make him believe that you’re still trying to decide Between those sexy city lights And being beneath that starry blanket of heartland sky Over the sound of your sighs Your broken heart croaks goodbye And now you’ve gotta leave That dirty old heart behind   Now he’s still calling all the time Swearing to you this time he’s really made up his mind While picking rings out for his bride You swore to yourself goddamn this day would never make you cry But now you’ve drank all the wine And no one’s showing you a good time And now you’ve gotta leave Without any kind of new find  


Little darling I hear you’re doin fine First in your class you beat em every time Your pa says you’re happy and you mention me constantly He’s the only one that knows the pain it brings to me You still hold on to dreams and you still believed in Christ Now nothing’s changed, we’ll both, still feel the same way If we never meet again we’ll never have to say You’re so tired of being alone You start to envy stones   Never again a beautiful feeling Your drunken anvil on all evening Don’t do what your dad did and stick around the pit Make your world your hometown girl but leave me out of it You’re so tired of being alone You start to envy stones