“New Lonely” Lyrics

Lonely (On the Weekend)

It’s getting me down waiting up for you Cause I could’ve just as easily left by now What makes me return is What I need you to do But something you gave me just made me feel almighty sweet release You were the only rudder that I had That embarrassing waste of hours we would spend And you’re always where you said you’d be my friend When I was lonely on the weekend It’s something to see how beauty can scare you That never ending neon mess of lights Silent and dreamless holding on like I do When what I prepared doesn’t get me anywhere that I like here to be Chorus Sleeping you off suddenly strangers Running out after using you each time Ignoring the pace of the fear I’d be through Of what I partake doesn’t make this any crime in my eyes in the least Chorus

No Time

I had no time to think at the time or so I thought I wasted it all worrying that the engines off With spark and gasoline an inflammatory test Just another heartache’s fire burning up against the west Cause you and I forget sometimes the pain Of starting up again Our time apart was hell it was cold and we got mean The last time that I saw you I recall we caused a scene But now it’s getting late and we’re both down a few And I’ll take half the blame now if you take me home with you Chorus An incremental end to not so good old days When we both held high the torch as if it were still ablaze Half-sentimental bliss restarting old routines Our slow adept unraveling is something to be seen Chorus Just another round to win And an answer rolling out to wind

Only One Down

You’ve got it all worked out to a tee Working professionally by twenty-three You wanted out it was plain to me But I wish you’d change your mind You couldn’t wait to move on I could see that You had no plans for the life that we made It’s been a wild blur that we obscured Looking for nothing to find You can look out the window and see You’re not the only one down But it’s hard to make all the same mistakes When you know what’s on the line Now tell me which way you prefer the news Living without you without you to lose I’m holding up like a dream confused Lonesome low and out of time


On the day we moved out west daddy hadn’t any work He scraped a living putting seeds in the dirt The he died in eighty-five we spent the afternoon at church Praying about his life for whatever it was worth All he wanted was to get back home Lay his head down on a pillow The wish he made he made it long ago To be buried back in Baltimore Well little Marianne she just couldn’t understand The forces that took pa or the trouble at hand Then she took a look outside and saw the big clouds rolling in The road would be long and our chances were thin Chorus Defenseless on the fence our mama moaned for days Because we had to lay him down there in the Beulah clay Although it weren’t his home that hole was just a place Our troubles just begun his gone where he lay Chorus