“Lost on the Mountain” Lyrics

Uncle B.

He’d pour a drink and then confess These dreams I’m havin’ haven’t been the best For all my life of runnin’ wild Here I am standing next to the mess that I made for myself He never was one to profess All of his mistakes, misgivings, and regrets But he said son one day you’ll see How hard it is to say grace before you face the mystery Now he’s losing the battle on the front page And he’s doing what he can to hold his ground And he told me son being sick don’t mean you run When all you can do is dig your heels in You wait around Words like worry weren’t his style He said we’ll all burn out after a while Suddenly Queen screamed in the night Hare Krishna, Hosanna, holy hell don’t turn out the light  


Nothing’s pretty these days and everyone’s asking a lot They pity your injury while taking the one thing that you’ve been leaning on Of all the ways to be wounded You never could settle on one    Seems like life just gets harder till it’s done   You never got the name of that angel to help you out Since then you’ve never been the same Near the end I heard you just tasted iron and salt Now boy remember how your father would preach He said it’s repeat, repeat, repeat Over and over while the bucket swings by your feet You’d like to change some things Before you die You’d like to give love a whirl You’d like to try to find Out where the good times hide You were born on a boat that was never really fit to sail Three years off the coast and the hull’s full of holes And daddy ran away from his post And he couldn’t save your heart when it sank In this life you’ve got no one to thank You just spin and you sputter with nothing left in the tank  

Still Her Man

He’s got the scars of fire flaming down his legs That’s alright he don’t use em anyway He’s got a two dollar bill from ma Cause he’s still her man just the same She drives him to work on weekdays Takes some pills and she lies around the place Waiting for Y & R to begin She runs to the store for Sonomas and gin And though it’s been years since the accident He’s still her man From the day that she followed the ambulance To her front door and found him inside John Sr. died   Somehow little john he survived Through the flames paramedics heard his cries Day in day out it picks her apart She’d send him away if she could ever find the heart   So she’ll push him around for the rest of her life Though he can’t say a word in return A sick man’s mother, a dead man’s wife She’s all out of lessons to learn  

Tail End of August

Tail end of august, last of the heat We were all throwing knives behind the house shirtless in the breeze At some old dresser that someone had just moved out And I was getting drunk and wondering what you were all about I don’t recall how it happened Did I kiss you or you kiss me And was there anybody watchin’ That your boyfriend would believe Now you don’t have to leave this town He’ll understand you stood him up again And you said it yourself that he don’t own you Cause it ain’t the easiest thing to do Standing here before you Askin’ you to put off plans for a while   Call off the messenger, go back to sleep And dream not of what you might lose but what you stand to keep We sat out the dance together and we Stayed up till three And I was actin’ like it’s over cause that’s how it must’ve seemed But then you held my hand so tightly I got weak in the knees Now I don’t have to tie and bind up all my memories  

Lost on the Mountain

Lost on the mountain looking for the track North of the saddle should’ve brought me back But something split up my headwall And slowed my decent to a crawl When I asked the man with the beard of snow Just exactly which way I should go He said try back up the hill to the lower of the lakes Don’t waste your time man don’t be late When those fishermen let out their lines They’re going to show you a hell of a time What happened to the man with the beard of snow? Just exactly which way did he go?   He flew the coop he ain’t coming back There goes my ticket to finding the track If I don’t get back by curtain call There’s no telling how much rain will fall   How far from Echo Lake could I be I’ve got an army of marmots following me I knew I should not have drank their wine But they sure did show me a hell of a time I think there’s something they should know That I found my way back as flies the crow Now that I’m reaching the end of the feat I’m outta water blisters cover my feet I hope twenty years didn’t just pass me by I never should’ve touched ‘Ol Rip’s moonshine